When you arrive at Aeternum, you will immediately face challenges to overcome. You will assess your surrounding, find resources to harvest and gather, and begin crafting tools to ensure your survival. Trading and crafting skills in New World are powerful tools and progress endlessly. As you progress your trade and craft skills, you will eventually be able to gather, refine and craft many powerful things. We covered the way gathering and refining levels factor into crafting outcomes in the Character Progression article, and had a quick look on how consumables work in our Itemization Blog. You might want to go through them first, before diving deeper into the crafting system here.

Crafted Consumables and Resource Efficiency

Crafting skills that create consumables, such as Arcana a...

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Character Progression

To survive and thrive in New World you will need to overcome many challenges, learning new skills and abilities as you adventure forward. Characters progress across three major categories: Core Attributes, Trade Skills, and Weapon Mastery. While you are free to master as many or as few weapons and Trade Skills as you like, your Core Attributes ultimately govern a large part of how powerful you are relative to the various hostile creatures and other players in Aeternum.

Core Attributes

When you first arrive in Aeternum, your Character will have 5 points in each of the core attributes and you cannot drop below that 5-point minimum. Each time your Character levels up, you are granted an Attribute Point to spend on whichever Attribute you choose...

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Housing is one of the core features in New World and ties in with the crafting system, which lets players craft furniture for their own homes or to sell it on the trading post. A personal house also gives you several advantages such as fast travel or trophy buffs.

In New World, player houses are part of the many settlements that can be found and conquered in the various territories of Aeternum. While the settlement itself can change hands between different factions and companies, players’ homes are unaffected by war and Corrupted Invasions. 

Houses are semi-instanced in New World, so that multiple players can purchase and use the same house, but they will only be able to enter and manage their own version of it...

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